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Elena Davsar
Executive Coach & Leadership Expert

With over a decade dedicated to executive coaching, Elena brings a wealth of experience from collaborating with leaders across international corporations. 

Leading her own company, she extend her  expertise through targeted training programs for professional coaches and through initiating mentoring programs, reflecting a commitment to the development of the coaching profession. Known for the development of the Lifecoachdesign methodology within the environmental psychology field, their work offers a new perspective on leadership and personal development.

This background in strategic coaching, combined with a focus on innovative approaches and the sharing of knowledge, underlines a journey of meaningful impact in the realms of coaching and leadership development.

Areas Of Expertise

Executive coaching is designed to unlock leadership potential and instill confidence in navigating business challenges. We offer leadership development programs that build the skills needed for effective management and inspiration. By applying environmental psychology and the Lyfecoachdesign method, we help create positive and productive work cultures. Our consulting services tackle complex business issues, while a strong focus on women’s empowerment and support in multicultural environments ensures inclusive growth. These services are crafted to empower both individuals and organizations, guiding them towards achieving their fullest potential in a dynamic global scene.

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